CFO Candidates

ROCK CFO is a team of experienced professionals committed to helping small- to medium-sized businesses. Fractional CFOs work with companies in the $5 to $50 million revenue range on a long-term, recurring basis as a trusted advisor with a focus on building rock-solid financial foundations.

ROCK CFO Candidates:


  • Significant experience as a CFO.
  • Expert at helping clients maximize cash flow and profitability.
  • Comfortable working with closely held businesses in the $5M to $50M annual sales range.
  • Skilled listeners and exceptional communicators.


  • Develop long-term relationships as a trusted advisor with clients.
  • Help transform small and medium-sized businesses transform and grow.
  • Bring about positive change to teams and organizations.
  • Committed to being a Fractional CFO for the long haul — not interim work between full-time positions.


  • Humble, continuous learners who desire to expand their skill set.
  • Looking for the flexible schedule that a Fractional CFO role provides.
  • Enjoy working with a wide range of business owners in various fields.
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