Meet the ROCkCFO Team

Kansas City, Missouri  –  Salt Lake City, Utah



Kerry Watson founded ROCK CFO to empower businesses and business owners to Build on a Rock Solid Foundation.  He has 25 years experience in Finance leadership roles prior to building Rock CFO. 

Mark Brebberman

Fractional CFO

Mark is a fractional CFO with experience in manufacturing in the midwestern US.  He has helped financially distressed companies  and companies achieve successful growth and exit plans.

 Eldon Payne

Fractional CFO

Eldon is a CFO with professional experience in Finance and Accounting working on consumer facing restaurant and retail commerce in the Small and Medium Sized business space.

elton norman

fractional cfo

Elton is a CFO with Finance and Operations experience.  He has helped companies in several industries to include  manufacturing, industrial, non-profit, and SAAS..

Matt Dutcher

Fractional CFO, KC

Matt is a CFO with manufacturing and service company background.  His experience includes ERP implementations, financially troubled companies, and accelerating high growth.

Mark beach

fractional CFO

Mark’s experience includes  construction, manufacturing,  and restaurant businesses for public and private groups.  He specializes in turnarounds, investment banking, and strategic planning.

 David Strong

Fractional CFO, UTah

David is a CFO specializing in capital funding, M&A transactions, turnarounds and restructuring.  In addition to corporate Finance experience, he has owned, grown, and sold several businesses.

Dave Warnick

Fractional CFO

Dave is a CFO with over 30 years leadership in Finance and Operations roles.  He has experience growing companies, financial turnarounds, and funding privately held companies.

Greg Smith

Fractional cFO

Greg is a CFO with experience in company transformation and business process improvement.  He was CFO for a company that grew from 5 to 200 employees..


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