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Common Reasons For Using RockCFO Recruiting Services

  • You may be pressed for time and need someone else to take this hire on.
  • You may be uncertain whether you should hire a Controller or a CFO and how to easily identify the candidates relevant skill set.
  • You want to talk with multiple qualified candidates to determine the best fit for your team.
  • You are not sure what a competitive salary is for your hire but want them to be there a year from now and yet not pay well over the market price.
  • You may be struggling to find the right person and the right experience for your company.
  • You have just been given a 2 week notice and need to fill the role ASAP

Benefits of Using RockCFO Executive Finance Search

  • Experience to understand your Finance needs   Our team has spent years working (not merely recruiting) in the Finance and Accounting space.  The benefit is we understand your companies Finance and Accounting needs and can then communicate that opportunity to the Finance and Accounting community in a way they understand what they are signing up for.  High retention rates are a common outcome.

  • Retained Recruiting:  We serve companies and hiring managers on a “retained recruiting” model.  This means we are your sole recruiter on the hire.  The intended result is the ability to provide high level customer service to you.   We work to provide a pleasant customer experience that makes the hire less stressful for both parties.

  • Tap into hidden talent network:  We can tap into our network and talk with potential candidates in our network a confidential and non-threatening manner.   This tends to open more doors and bring more talent into the recruiting picture.

  • Competitive Rates: We work on a flat fee basis and the rates are very competitive. Before you pay a 25% contingent fee, let’s talk.  You may be pleasantly surprised by what we can accomplish together and how surprisingly affordable our rates may be.

  • 45-day guarantee – If you candidate is no longer in the role after 45 days, we will work with you again to find the right person that is the right fit.   No extra charge to take on this second search.  This commitment helps us work hard to find the right person in the right role the first time